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Mungyeong apple

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Mungyeong is a mountain area located at the south of the Sobaek and has the best natural conditions for growing apples. It has a vast diurnal temperature range, and sandy, alkaline soil, perfect for growing apples. This gives Mungyeong apples their sweetness and crunchy texture and long shelf life. Its high-quality apples are distinguishable from apples of other regions. Mungyeong apples are moved through each farming association and producer group and sold at joint markets. (Apple farming 1,859 households, 1,350 ha, annual production: 23,369 t)
Busa apple season: September ~ April of the next year

▷ Contents of apple
- Apples contain water (85 - 90%), pectin and fiber (1 %), little protein, abundant vitamin A, B1 and C.

Characteristics of Mungyeong apples
- As a result of being grown in the limestone soil of Sobaek Mountains, having a big gap in temperature between day and night, and high elevation (400m above sea level), it has solid flesh and is sweeter than apples produced in other regions. It is longer in length than width; the original shape of Fuji apples. As Mungyeong has a much lower temperature at night than during the day; crops perform less nutrition control activity than crops of other regions. So its sweetness, color and fragrance are distinct in all crops.

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