The City Flag


The logo has a stylized "M" for Mungyeong shaped like a mountain, and embodies the concepts of nature, people and traditions. The green color symbolizes the mountains and nature surrounding Mungyeong, red symbolizes the citizens, and blue represents the traditional gates of Mungyeong.

City Bird: The Hawk

The hawk is a kind of bird belonging to the hawk (accipitridae) family. It is ash colored with a shade of blue on the upper body and white on the lower body. There are thick vertical stripes on its breast and horizontal stripes on the lower side of the breast. The hawk is called 'lord of the sky' and symbolizes the enterprising nature of the citizens of Mungyeong and it is protected as the 323rd natural monument.

The Hawk
The Betula Schmidtii

City Tree: Birch

The birch tree is a straight hardwood tree that grows around Mungyeongsaejae in groups, and our ancestors used it to make rolling pins. Birch expresses the strong spirit and indomitable nature of the citizens of Mungyeong.

City Flower: The Royal Azalea

The splendid blossum of the royal azalea is spread widely throughout the mountains and fields of Mungyeong, and because of its proliferation, represents the go-ahead spirit and progressive will of the people of Mungyeong.

The Royal Azalea

Mascot: Chulsadongi

Chulsadongi is a grinning scholar with a congratulatory flower on his head, which he received from the king after passing the national public official exam. It symbolizes Mungyeong as a village full of hope and pleasant news.

City Slogan: Moving forward - The New Mungyeong

Through dynamic branding embodying Mungyeong's characteristics and vision we endeavor to establish our regional identity and integrate the citizens into an enhanced future city, central to the north part of Gyeongsangbuk-do.

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