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  • The administrative district of Mungyeong City is located in the central mountain area in the southeast of Korea and the northwest interior of Gyeongsangbuk-do. It shares a border with Yecheon-gun to the east, Sangju-gun to the south, Goesan-gun of Chungcheongbuk-do to the west, and Jecheon, Chungju City and Danyang-gun of Chungcheongbuk-do to the north.
  • Distance From Neighboring Cities
    Km from Mungyeong22.060.168.3196.8207.4122.464.5197.0250.0
  • Geographical location of Mungyeong City
    • Eastern sector: Maebong, Seokhang-ri, Dongro-myeon; 128 degrees, 22 minutes eastern longitude. Shares a boundary with Myeongbong-ri, Sangri-myeon, and Yecheon-gun.
    • Western sector: Wanjang-ri, Gaeun-eup; 127 degrees, 52 minutes eastern longitude. Shares a boundary with Ipyeong-ri, Cheongcheon-myeon, Goesan-gun, and Gyeongsangbuk-do.
    • Northern sector: Naeseo-ri, Nongam-myeon; 36 degrees, 31 minutes northern latitude. Shares a boundary with Daejeon-ri, Waeseo-myeon, and Sangju City.
    • Southern sector: Myeongjeon-ri, Dongro-myeon; 36 degrees, 52 minutes northern latitude. Shares a boundary with Dogi-ri, Deoksan-myeon, Jecheon City, and Gyeongsangbuk-do.
  • Korean areas sharing similar lattitudes include Hongseong, Jochiweon, Cheongju, Andong, Yeongyang, Hupo and others. Korean areas sharing similar longitudes include Hamgyeongnam-do Hyesan, Sinpo, Gangwon-do Inje, Chungcheonbuk-do Jecheon, Gyeonsangbuk-do Sangju, Gyeonsangnam-do Hapcheon, Jinju and Sacheon.
  • Global cities sharing similar lattitudes include Málaga (Spain), Algiers (Algeria), Tunis (Tunisia), Malta, Tehran (Iran), Qingdao (China), Lanzhou (China), Nagano (Japan) Hitachi (Japan), Las Vegas (USA), Nashville (USA), Portsmouth (USA) and others. Global cities sharing similar longitudes include Bulun (Russia), Blagoveschensk (Russia), Mudanjiang (China), East Timor (Indonesia), Forrest (Australia) and others.
  • Geographical Location
    Administrative DistrictLocation on longitude and latitudeDistanceTotal
    Si(City)Far eastFar westFar southFar northNorth-SouthEast-West
    Gyeongsangbuk-doMungyeong128°22′42 E Seokhang-ri,Dongro-myeon127°52′48 E Wanjang-ri,Gaeun-eup36°31′40 N Naeseo-ri,Nongam-myeon36°52′10 N Myeongjeon-ri,Dongro-myeon37.083km39.583km912㎢


  • As it is located in the northwest Youngnam region and surrounded by arc-shaped mountains, it has a basin type mountain climate with typical geographical effects.
  • The average temperature in recent years was between 10.9℃ in 1993 and 12.5℃ in 1994. This indicates that the termperature only fluctuates slightly annually.
  • The average annual rainfall of Mungyeong City for several years has been 1,319.6㎜, so it is a pluvial region. The greatest rainfall was 1,847.4㎜ in 1998 and the least rainfall was 857.8㎜ in 1994. Location on longitude and latitude Distance from neighboring cities
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