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The green triangle represents Ahcha Mountain which is a Goguryeo cultural historical site, The inverse triangle represents Ahcha Mountain reflected on Han River, The green represents the abundant green tract of land space, and blue symbolizes the pure water in the Han River, The navy oval is symbol of unity and collective vision of the inhabitants

Gwang-ie and Jin-ie characterize the epic love story of Goguryeo Kingdom General Ondal and Princess Pyunggang. General Ondal died on Ahcha Mountain during the war against Shilla armies. The mascots represent the harmony, love, and progressive spirit of Gwangjin area citizens.

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The zelkova tree has an elegant appearance and a long life span, and has been regarded as a noble guardian throughout the history of the Korean people. The zelkova tree in the Hwayang-dong is about 700 years old and it has been designated as Seoul metropolitan district treasure #2. The zelkova represents their area’s prosperity and the unity of their citizens.

The magpie is a omen of good luck, as traditional stories have it delivering happy news. This familiar friend can be seen year round throughout Ahcha Mountain Children’s Park.

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Azaleas fight off the harsh wind and cold, blooming in the early spring. They are beloved by all and are widely spread throughout Ahcha Mountain. The Azalea represents the prosperity of our area and the unity of our citizens.

General Statistics

  • Area: 17.05㎢ (2.8% of Seoul): residence 66. 6% / green space 32.1% / commerce 1.1% /industrial complex 0.2%
  • Population: 146,675 household 377,503 people
  • Dwellings: 69,428 (single family detached: 25,184, multi-unit: 44,244)
  • Administrative area: 9 dongs under legal governance,16 dongs under administrative governance (371 tong, 3,118 ban)
  • Office man power: five bureaus, two divisions, twenty-four departments, sixteen dongs, one four-section so (community health center), and one council bureau (government employees 1,089)
  • Financial scale: \183,500 million (independent 39.9 %); General account \172,700 million (94%), Special account \10,800 million (6%)
  • Main facilities: Public facilities: 8, welfare facilities: 314, schools: 47, medical facilities: 414

District Conditions

District Conditions
District Characteristics
  • Abundant potential for development of main subway station areas, and other areas
    • Strategic points (such as Hwayangji-gu, Junggokji-gu, Gueuiji-gu and Geondae) which connect the heart of the city and the eastern exterior area of Seoul.
    • Stable residential city with abundant green space area such as parts of subway lines 2, 5, 7, eastern Seoul terminal
    • Ahcha Mountain City Natural Park, Children’s Park, and Ctizen’s Park in Han river
District Economy

Walkerhill Hotel, cutting edge distribution industrial area, Techno Mart 21 and other 175 registered factories

Cultural Assets
  • historical and cultural monuments of Goguryeo era
    • Ahcha Mountain fortress wall (Historical spot #234) Hongryunbong Fort (historical spot # 455) and other remains

Sister Cities

  • Domestic: Injae-gun, Gangwon-do; Younggwang-gun, Junlanam-do; Boeun-gun, Chunchungbuk-do; Boryung City, Chunchungnam-do
  • Population: 146,675 household 377,503 people

Progress of Partnership Between Mungyeong and Gwangjingu

  • 2006. 11. 29: Mungyeong City and Gwangjin-gu finalized the sister relation agreement signing the exchange agreement document. Also present were twenty government official visitors in addition to Gwangjin’s mayor.
  • 2007. 4. 28: Opening ceremony of Mungyeong traditional tea bowl festival. There were twelve participants in addition to Gwanjin’s mayor, Jeong Song Hak
  • 2007. 5. 25: 12th Gwangjin citizen’s day ceremony (attended by two Mungyeong officials, and the director of community services, with a video message from Mungyeong's mayor)
  • 2007. 7. ~ 8: Summer retreat for Gwangjin ward office employees and their families at Mungyeongsaejae youth hostel for two days and three nights. 60 employees (about 270 people)
  • 2007. 9. 18: Mungyeong agricultural product direct sale event
  • 2007. 10. 4: Ahcha Mountain festival. The director of community services and four others were in attendance.

Local community exchange status between Mungyeong and Gwangjingu

Mungyeong CityGwangjin-guRemark
Mungyeong-eupGwangjin-guIn the process of deliberation
Gaeun-eupGwangjin-guIn the process of deliberation
Youngsun-myeonGwangjang-dongexchange agreement signed on 10.11
Sanyang-myeonJayang 1-dongIn the process of deliberation
Hogyae-myeonNeng-dongexchange agreement signed on 7. 10
Sanbuk-myeonGwangjin-guIn the process of deliberation
Dongro-myeonJayang 3-dongexchange agreement signed on 6.14
Masung-myeonGueui 1-dongexchange agreement signed on 9.11
Nongam-myeonJayang 2-dongexchange agreement signed on 5.22
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