Mungyeong Omija Festival

다섯가지 맛의 비밀, 문경오미자 2015 문경오미자축제 The 2015 Mungyeong OMIJA Festival

The 2015 Mungyeong OMIJA Festival

Sep 11(Fri) ~ Sep 13(Sun) 3Days

Create cherished memories of Mungyeong with the 'five different tastes of happiness!' Omija has five distinct tastes; sweet, sour, tart, salty and bitter.

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  • Name of festival : Mungyeong Omija Festival
  • When : Every year in late summer
  • Where : Mungyeong Saejae provincial park area
  • Host : Mungyeong-si
  • Organizer : Mungyeong Omija Festival Committee, Mungyeong Festival Tourism Organization [endowment foundation]
  • TEL
    • 054-571-7677 (Mungyeong Festival Tourism Organization [endowment foundation])
    • 054-554-7555(Mungyeong Omija Festival Committee)
    • 054-554-0774(Mungyeong Omija Farmers Association)
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