Mungyeong Beef Festival

2015 문경 약돌한우축제

The 2015 Mungyeong YAKDOL BEEF Festival

Oct 11(Fri) ~ Oct 13(Sun) 3Days

We invite you to the Mungyeong Beef Festival which features Yetgil's old fashioned beauty and our local healthy beef. Yakdol beef is tasty, healthy and satisfies your hunger!

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  • Name of festival : Mungyeong Beef Festival
  • Host : Mungyeong-si
  • Organizer : Mungyeong Beef Festival Committee
  • When : Every year in October
  • Performances : Opening ceremony, celebration show, singing contest, local cultural group concert, Hanwoo (Korean beef) golden bell quiz event, arm wrestling competition, pre-festival show
  • Exhibitions : Mascot character creation, beef cooking and sampling show, beef grading demonstration
  • Activities : Mungyeong beef promotion center, Mungyeong beef dish exhibition, special local agricultural products exhibition
  • Sale events : promotional games and activities, Korean beef auction on the spot
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