Mungyeong Apple Festival

2015 문경사과축제


Oct 9(Fri) ~ Oct 25(Sun) 17Days

Mungyeong has the best natural conditions for growing apples. It is located in the southeastern region of the Korean peninsula, in the interior mountain area of Gyeongsangbukdo and surrounded by the Sobaek mountain range.

This arch-shaped basin area has typical mountain climate; a vast diurnal temperature range, perfect for apples. Mungyeong apples have a 1∼2°BX higher level of sweetness than apples of other regions, are juicer and keep longer because the flesh is hard. So when we bite into it we immediately notice its unique scent and taste. Mungyeong apples are the best apples in Korea and our number one local product. Mungyeong Apple Festival is held in October. There are educational programs and various themes and events such as exhibitions, sales, and hands-on activities.

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  • Name of festival : Mungyeong Apple Festival
  • When : Every year in October
  • Where : Mungyeong Provincial Park
  • Host : Mungyeong-si
  • Organizer : Mungyeong Apple Festival Committee, Mungyeong Apple Development Association
  • Events : Opening ceremony, theme events, sale events, hands-on activities, pre-festival promotion events, exhibition and promotion events, and other special events.
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