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experience 3day, healing 2night. mungyeongsaejae arirang hill along old road passes

(Gateway No.1: Juheulgwan, Gateway No. 2: Jogokgwan, Gateway No. 3 Joryeonggwan)

mungyeongsaejae loadmungyeongsaejae(jugeulgwan, jogokgwan, joryeonggwan)

  • Arirang Hill on the Joryeong ridge was the quickest route by which travelers could reach Hanyang from Yeongnam. Scholars who were going to write the government official exam and those who had passed the exam used this pass going to and returning from Seoul.
Yetgil Museum

yetgil museum

  • As the first old pass museum this illuminates cultural aspects along the Chosun era trails, such as Gwageo-gil, and the travelling trail.
Hyeguksa, Mungyeongsaejae Filming Site

Hyeguksa, Mungyeongsaejae Filming Site

  • Hyeguksa: Hyeguksa was built in the middle of Juheulsan by Chaejing Bojoguksa in the eighth year of the reign of King Munseong during the Silla dynasty. At that time the temple was called Beopheungsa but when King Gongmin stayed here to avoid the Hongeonjeok riots at the end of Goryeo, it was renamed Hyeguksa. It had been a small temple. Not much is known about it after that. However, master monks Songjang and Jiseong remodeled the temple in the tenth year of the reign of King Gojong. In 1977 Geumgangmun, Daeungjeon, and Mandeokjeon were built, and in 1989 Seongcheondaesa finished the general remodeling and conducted a Buddhist ceremony of blessing. Today the temple is for secular Buddhism followers of Mungyeong and Jeomcheon.
  • Mungyeongsaejae filming site: The biggest historical drama filming site in Korea. 103 buildings such as Gwanghwamun, Gyeongbokgung, Donggung, Seoungwan, official buildings in palace and noble men's houses were built. In total, 130 setting buildings including 22 former thatched roof houses and 5 tile roof houses.

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  • This 1,106 m high mountain is famous for its grandeur and majestic form. It was the sentinel of Mungyeong-hyun in the Chosun dynasty. The scent of history remains in each valley.
Time Capsule Square

Time Capsule Square

  • Passing by Juheulsan you can spot a fir tree grove on the left side and there appears a time capsule containing representative materials and objects of Gyeongbuk citizens' society, customs and culture. Commemorating Gyeongsangbukdo's centennial, there are 100 categories of 457 items in the time capsule.
Yeogong Waterfall, Joryeongwonteo, Gyoguijang, Jogok Mineral Water

Yeogong Waterfall, Joryeongwonteo, Gyoguijang, Jogok Mineral Water

Joryeong Sanbuldyosim, a fire caution sign made of stone
(cultural heritage material No. 226)

Joryeong Sanbuldyosim, a fire caution sign made of stone

  • Before passing Gateway No. 2 there is a sign engraved in pure Korean on a moss-covered stone. The year it was engraved is unknown. It is a rare monument related to protecting the forest.

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Mungyeong Traditional Craftwork Exhibition Hall


  • Pottery-making : Today the value of Mungyeong pottery is increasing in part due to artisans' personal excellence in techniques and also because of the historic and traditional characteristic germane to Mungeong's pottery.
  • Mungyeong Traditional Craftwork Exhibition Hall : This is an exhibition hall where we can see the traditional craftworks that were created by our ancestors in a single location.
Ceramic Museum


  • Ceramic Museum: It was built to hand down the traditional spirit of the craftwork and proclaim its superiority.
Mungyeong Confucian Literature Hall, Four-season Sledding


  • Mungyeong Confucian Literature Hall: this is a significant place to learn about every aspect of the students of Confucius and about Confucian history.
  • Four-season Sledding: Enjoy the thrill of water sledding in summer and snow sledding in winter on the 120 meter long slope!

Getting here

Bus(Jeomcheon North Terminal - Mungyeongsaejae)
  • 12 times a day (first bus 06:40, last bus 18:10)
  • Further information: TEL 054) 553-2231
  • Mungyeong-eup office:(288-1, Sangcho-ri) 932, Saejaero, Mungyeong-eup 932
  • Further information: TEL: 054) 571-0301
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