Yetgil Museum

Yetgil Museum

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Address944, Saejae-ro, Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong-si

Location: Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park, Sangchori, Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong-si

About Yetgil Museum

Mungyeong is a treasury of cultural geography of Korea and a museum of mountain passes. There is Mungyeongsaejae, regarded a major representative of chosun's mountain hill passes, and means of communicating chosun history and culture, Haneuljae, the oldest hill pass, Tokkibiri which is considered the finest of the old passes and the Karakoram Route ('Southern Silk Road') of Korea, and Yugok station which was a travel hub on Yeongnamdero.

These cultural sites of Yetgil (old pass) are visited by many people wanting to experience the aliveness that made it so famous.

Yetgil museum was built to illustrate the historical cultural identity of Mungyeong and opened in 2009. Before remodeling, it was the Mungyeongsaejae Museum and focused on local history. Today Yetgil Museum focuses on various cultural aspects related to the old passes.

What did our ancestors carry with them during the journey and what was in the travelers' bundles?

Here we can enjoy much smaller and tiny relics of antiquity than what we might expect various journals written by travelers along the old pass, genre paintings, and cultural assets of Mungyeong such as excavated outfits from the tomb of one Mr. Sin (Mungyeong-Pyeongsan family), important folklore cultural heritage No. 254

 Notice to Visitors
1. Regular holidays are Jan.1, Seolnal and Chuseok, according to the lunar calendar.
2. Groups (more than ten people) in need of guided tours should call and reserve in advance. 
3. Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by a guardian.

Museum Hours

▶ Mar. 1 - October 31: 09:00 - 18:00
▶ Nov. 1 - Feb. 28: 09:00 - 17:00
▶ Last visitors allowed in 30 minutes before closing

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