Railway Cycling

Railway Cycling

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AddressJinnam Station,155, Jinnam1-gil, Maseong-myeon, Mungyeong-si

Railway Cycling

"Mungyeong railway cycling over the flowing water between the mountains." Everybody, family, friends, lovers can enjoy riding together! This railway used to be a coal-carrying railway, but is now used for recreation. It is the first railway cycling recreational site in Korea. 

● Address

  - Jinnam Station: 155, Jinnam1-gil, Maseong-myeon, Mungyeong-si

  - Buljeong Station: 187, Buljeong Gangbyun-gil, Mungyeong-si (Buljeong-dong)

  - Gaeun Station: Gaeun Gongdan-gil, Gaeun-eup, Mungyeong-si (76-1, Wangneun-ri) 

● Tel

  - Jinnam Station: 054-553-8300

  - Buljeong Station: 054-554-8300

  - Gaeun Station: 054-571-4200
● Courses

  - 1st course: Jinnam Station to Buljeong Station - 2 Km (round trip 4km)

  - 2nd course: Buljeong Station to Jupyeong - 1.8 Km (round trip 3.6 km)

  - 3rd course: Gaeun Station to Meokbengi Station - 2 Km (round trip 4km)

● Ticketing time

  - Jinnam Station: From 08:15

  - Buljeong Station: From 08:45

  - Gaeun Station: From 08:45

  ※ First come, first served. If there are a lot of visitors, tickets may be sold out.

● More information

  - Jan. 1st, Seolnal and Chuseok: Closed

  - Reservations: Available weekdays only. Only for groups with more than 15 bicycles. Call 054-553-         8300 for further information

  - If conditions are unfavorable (rain, typhoon, etc.) for safety reasons we are closed.

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