Ssangryong Valley

Ssangryong Valley

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AddressGwangjeong-angil, Nongam-myeon, Mungyeong-si

Ssangryong Valley is the last 4 km valley in Dojangsan, the upper part of the Nongamcheon stream, before the eastern valley water of Sokrisan peak joins the Nakdong River.

Ssangryong Valley is surrounded by fantastic rocks and stratified rocky cliffs of Dojangsan and Bulilsan,  holding its mystery over a long time, as if the Creator was proud of his own work. Jade-like clear water makes great rock sculptures as it turns, flows, and breaks at each turn.    

Poets and painters have long loved it. It is called Ssangyong Valley (Ssang: two, yong: dragon) because it is said that a blue dragon and a yellow dragon lived at Yongchu.

● Local transportation
   - Bus from Mungyeong downtown to Nongam, departs every 30 minutes. It takes 30~40 minutes.
   - Mungyeong-si → Hamchang-eup local road No. 32 → Nongam-myeon, turn left → 6 km → Sangryong Valley

● Getting here
From Seoul: Jungbu Highway → Hobeop  Turnpike → Yeongdong Highway → Yeoju  Turnpike → Jungbu Naeryuk Highway → Mungyeongsaejae IC → Nongam-myeon

From Daegu: Gyeongbu Highway → Gimcheon  Turnpike → Jungbu Naeryuk Highway → Jeomchon Hamchang IC → Nongam-myeon

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