Seonyudong Valley

Seonyudong Valley

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AddressDaeya-ro, Gaeun-eup, Mungyeong-si

Seonyudong is a 1.7 km valley following the river to the west. It is the best of those that are called Seonyudong as a scenic spot. Huge rocks that hundreds of people can sit on lie flat like a marble surface. Naturally layered gigantic rocks look as if they were built artificially. Crystal clear water flows constantly between uniquely layered marble-like bedrock, show another splendid work of nature. It is called Sogeumgang (little Geumgang Mountain) with its wonderful views and its clear water, well-known for its superiority.

It is one of the one hundred most beautiful views and has the greatest water in Korea. The great scholar Goun Choi Chi Won said this place is better than the Hongyudong Valley in Hapcheon, Haeinsa. This valley is divided into nine beautiful scenic spots called Seonyugugok, so each valley has its own unique beauty with big old pine trees, still keeping ancient shapes.

On Gwalandam (observation point) of this valley there is a site, Okhajungtuh, which was where Namhanjo made a gazebo and Doam Ijae established Dunsanjungsa in Yongchudong and educated younger men. Hakcheonjeong was established in 1906 to commemorate his feats by those students who cherished him. On the right there is a gazebo which stands in epic harmony with the surroundings. On a massive rock wall behind the pavilion there is an inscription: san go su jang (the mountain is high and the river is long). Chilwujeong, another gazebo on the observation point was built in 1927 by Wueun, Wuseok and others whose names contain the character Wu, hence the name chil (7) Wu. It is said that King Euichin made this name. A rock in front of Hakcheonjon is inscribed with seon yu dong and seok mun (stone door), but there is no stone door, and it is said that the engraving was done by Choi Chi Won.  

● Getting here
From Seoul: Jungbu Highway → Hobeop  Turnpike → Yeongdong Highway →Yeoju  Turnpike → Jungbu Naeryuk Highway → Mungyeongsaejae IC → Gaeun-eup Seonyudong Valley

From Daegu: Gyeongbu Highway → Gimcheon  Turnpike → Jungbu Naeryuk Highway → Jeomchon Hamchang IC → Gaeun-eup

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