Saejae Valley

Saejae Valley

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AddressSaejae 1-gil, Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong-si

The Saejae Valley passing through Joryeong Mountain of Baekdudaegan was an important place of social, cultural, economic and military value as the highest and toughest valley on Youngnamdaero, which connects the Han and Nakdong rivers.

Saejae means 'pass even hard for birds to fly over', 'pass filled with reeds',  'between Haneuljae and Aurijae', and simply 'new pass', and recorded as Chojeom  in old documents. After Imjinwaeran, 3 gateways (historic site No.147) (Juheulgwan, Jogokgwan, and Joryeonggwan) were established here and became a fortress for national defense. There was only Gyogwijeong remaining, but it was reconstructed in 1999. There is a stone marker with “Sanbuldyoshim” (fire caution) engraved on it (cultural heritage material No. 226). This area was appointed as a local monument, No. 18 in 1974 and protected as a provincial park in 1981, attracting countless tourists.

● Area : 5.3㎢(1,603,250Pyeong)

● History of development
 - Joryongro cultivated during the chosun period under King Taejong

 - King Sunjo 27th year, 2nd gateway established

 - King Sukjong, 34th year (1708) the 1st and 3rd gateways established

 - March 22, 1966 - Designated as a historic site, No. 147 (Mungyeonggwanmun)

 - December 10, 1974 - Designated as a local monument, No. 18

 - 1974 ~ 1977 - Reparation and restoration of the Three Gateways (Gaegwanmun)

 - May 24, 1979 - Designated as a national tourist area, Gyeongbuk No. 1

 - April 1, 1980 - Establishment of Mungyeongsaejae management office

 - Jun 4, 1981 - Designated as a provincial park

 - May 28, 1982 Designated as a cultural property protection area

 - April 4, 1983 Announced as a park development foundation, Plan No. 72

 - April 27, 1997 Opened as Mungyeongsaejae Museum

 - February 23 2000 Opening of KBS filming area

● Admission free
Parking lot: 16,520pyeong (capacity of 330 vehicles)

Parking (Won)
Type of vehicleCar/truckBus    
Day time2,000 KRW4,000 KRW 
Over night4,000 KRW8,000 KRW 

Cultural assets and famous tourist attraction in the park
 - Mungyeong Gateways (historic site No.147)

 - Sanbuldyoshim fire caution sign (cultural heritage material No. 226).

 - Singil Monument (local tangible cultural asset No. 145)

 - Surrounding area of Juheulsan Gateways (local monument No. 18)

 - Wonteo

 - Gyogwijeong

 - Gunmakteo: Military standby quarters next to Gateway 3

 - Ijinteo

 - KBS filming site: chosun historical drama set

 - Yeogung Waterfall

 - Jangwongeupjae-gil

● Local transportation
   - Departs every 20 minutes from Jeomchon to Mungyeong-eup
   - Local bus departs 12 times a day from Mungyeong-eup to Mungyeongsaejae. It takes 10 minutes.

● Driving

   - It takes 20 minutes to drive from Jeomchon to Mungyeong-eup
● Getting here
 - From Seoul: Jungbu Highway - Hobeop Turnpike - Yeongdong Highway - Yeoju  Turnpike - Jungbu       Naeryuk Highway - Mungyeongsaejae IC - Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park
 - From Busan, Daegu: Gyeongbu Highway - Gimcheon  Turnpike  - Jungbu Highway -             Mungyeongsaejae IC - Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park 
 - From Daejeon: Gyeongbu Highway - Nami  Turnpike - Jungbu Highway - Jeungpyeon IC - Route 34  - Guesan - Yeonpung - Ihwaryeong Tunnel - Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park 

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