Jinnam gyoban

Jinnam Gyoban

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AddressGomo Sanseong-gil Maseong-myeon, Mungyeong-si

Driving about 10 km along route no. 3 from Jeomchon to Mungyeong, you will see a restored Mungyeong mine site, one of the main causes of the 1970s Mungyeong economic boom. Continuing driving about 3 km along the S-curved riverside, fantastically and uniquely shaped rocks and stratified rocky cliffs, three car bridges and a railway bridge over the clear blue river provide an exquisite harmony of nature and manmade work. This is Jinnam Gyoban, which belongs to Maseong-myeon Sinhyeon-ri. During spring, azaleas and royal azaleas blossom and it is similar to Geumgang Mountain which changes drastically according to the season so it is known as the Sogeumgang of Mungyeong. When the decision to nominate the eight scenic views of Gyeongbuk, led by the Daegu daily newspaper company was made, the picturesque scenery of Jinnam Gyoban was chosen first, immediately and unanimously so the stone monument with the first of the eight scenic views of Gyeongbuk  on the rocky cliff waterfall on the left side of the Jinnam rest stop. Jinnam Gyoban is widely used for summer riverside vacations, picnics, and various training event camps providing a resting spot with a thick forest and large old pine trees, wild sandy beaches where Joryeongchon curves to join Yeonggang. Fantastic rocks and cliffs along the thick forested riverside, follow the road. The lights leaking out of the night campsites remind us of a great movie with moon shadows reflecting on the river in the moonlight. 

● Local transportation
   - Bus from Mungyeong-si to Mungyeong-eup or Gaeun (departs every 10 - 15 minutes) 

● Gatting here
  - Jungbu Naeryuk Highway Mungyeongsaejae Junction - Jeomchon, Sangju (Towards Mungyeong City Hall) - Jinnam Gyoban
  - Jungbu Naeryuk Highway Yeongju  Junction - Yecheon - Hogye - Maseong (Jinnam Gyoban) 

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