Bongam Temple Baekundae

Bongam Temple Baekundae

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AddressGaeun-eup, Mungyeong-si

It is located within the Bongamsa and it is known as Oksukdae. Luxuriant forest, clear valley, a sonorous wood gong and pure and refined scenery sounds are harmonious and allow people to forget about earthly agony and leave them at peace. It is famous for being as good as Geumgang Mountain Manpokdong. The seated figure of Maeibosal engraved in granite is designated as a local tangible cultural asset. Bongamsa is a temple (one of the Silla Gusanseonmun) established by the great Buddhist monk Jijeung during the 5th year of Silla King Heongang (in 879 AD). Huiyang Mountain is nationally famous for its rock wall, three-storey stone pagoda (treasure No. 169) and nine other cultural assets.

Currently it is off limits to general population because it is a Jogye branch special ascetic practice temple; however it is open only on the birthday of Sakyamuni.

● Getting here
From Seoul: Jungbu Highway → Hobeop  Turnpike → Yeongdong Highway →Yeoju  Turnpike → Jungbu Naeryuk Highway → Mungyeongsaejae IC → Gaeun-eup Bongamsa
From Daegu: Gyeongbu Highway → Gimcheon  Turnpike → Jungbu Naeryuk Highway → Mungyeongsaejae IC → Gaeun-eup Bongamsa

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