Action Plan

Statement of Values

Central economic hub - transportation and distribution in a bustling city with a population of 100,000
  • Balanced regional development and a dynamic economy through a road system accessible from all directions
    • Create a sustainable railway system by establishing a Jungbu Naeryuk Express Railway
    • Complete multiple access road system by building two highways; the east-west 4th artery (chuk) (Eumseong-Chungju, Chungju-Jaechun), and the east-west 5th artery (Yeongju-Wulju; Route 36)
    • Complete Muun and Dansan tunnels
  • Korea's new central hub city for distribution
    • Create infrastructure for a central distribution business in central interior area.
  • City for entrepreneurship
    • provide Singi 2nd General Industry Complex, and Gaeun, Youngsun, Sanyang 2nd Agriculture and Industry Complex
International sports city
  • International host city of 2015 CISM World Military Games
  • 21st century Korea sports championship host city
  • Build a national multi-sports complex associated with the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps
  • Mecca of international training expeditions
Prosperous rural community undeterred by FTA fallout
  • 1000 farming households with nine-digit incomes: Apples: 150,000,000,000 / Omija: 100,000,000,000 / Eco-friendly grade A rice: 50,000,000,000
  • The most popular region city dwellers choose for farming or country living
    • Agriculture and rural community tourism resource development/ building upscale country home complexes
  • boosting our competitive edge through sustainable agriculture
  • Promoting specialized crop production and implementing an advanced distribution system
River and mountain projects
  • Making a 100 km green business space along Bekdudaegan Mountain Range
    • Build eco-friendly hotels, cultivate a healing forest, restore Bekdudaegan damaged site
  • Augment Nakdong River waterfront
    • Development projects such as the Youngsun Imok area, Yeonggang River, and the Naeseong River, and maintenance of the Geumcheon Riverside
Community with high employment and social programs
  • Boosting 'alley economy' through weekly traditional street markets
  • Advanced all-inclusive welfare administration
  • Increased independence assistance for the disabled and indigents
  • Boosting health and medical services such as home care
  • More job opportunities
    • Other strategies, such as social enterprises, community businesses, public works projects, and medium and small business internships
Flourishing culture and tourism
  • Affiliation of unique feature tourism with Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park
    • Aiming to be a primary city destination for conventions
    • Implementing the 'Green Culture Sangsaeng Belt' development project and the Bekdudaegan historical culture trail
    • STX Mungyeong Resort, double-widened the railway cycling track
  • Completion of culture blossoming goal
    • Branding local cultural heritage
    • Creating culture streets
    • Superb exhibitions from museums and exhibition halls and improvement of activity programs
Create new growth power through low-carbon green growth
  • Exemplar of responding to climate change and energy efficiency
  • Promoting bicycle riding (Saejae bicycle trail)
  • Activating eco-friendly green trail
  • Restoring projects; Mojeon river, Yangsang river and Yeonggang River ecological preserve
  • Promoting 'Clean Mungyeong' and the green growth movement
The best Mungyeong brand with citizen participation
  • Administration policy with trust, communication, and harmony
  • Administrative service to our citizens
  • City with the best citizenship
  • Violence-free schools, clean streets, separated waste removal
  • Number one city for kindness through awareness programs
Creating an education city to produce a creative work force
  • Leading education city through improvement of educational environment
  • Activating the new Mungyeong academy and a 'parents academy'
  • Lifelong learning programs for local citizens
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