About the Mayor

Academic Background

  • Mungyeong Middle School
  • Mungyeong General High School (former name)
  • Youngnam University
    • 4-year Saemaeul scholarship from Mungyeong County
  • M.A., Public Administration, Seoul National University, Graduate School of Public Administration
  • PhD, Public Administration. In-ha University Graduate School

Career Background

  • Public Administration National Exam, 1980 24th exam
  • Incheon Municipality Planning Director
  • Blue House Administrative Officer
  • Section Chief, Prime Minister's Office
  • Chief of Economic Trade, Chief of Traffic, Incheon Metropolitan City
  • SE District Deputy Mayor, Incheon Metropolitan City
  • Director, Emergency Planning Safety Administration
  • Director, Local Development Policy Safety Administration
  • Director, Local Administration Safety Administration
  • Administrative Deputy Mayor, Busan Metropolitan City
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