Purpose of Establishment

Purpose of Establishment and Official Organizational Duties

The administrative name of Mungyeong City was adopted on January 1, 1995 (law No. 4774), as Mungyeong-gun was amalgamated with Jeomchon City. To manifest the motto “Mungyeong, town of cultural tourism and well-being” based on the active regional economy, civil welfare, and advanced management administration, 900 civil servants are working in the local government. See the service guides of each department for municipal affairs in detail.

Legal Basis of Local Government

Clause 3 article 9 of the bylaw (varies by different business ranges of local municipalities) [partially reformed on July 18, 2003 under Law No.06927] Ministry of Legislation -

  1. 1. Local government shall treat businesses belonging to local municipalities according to the local business law within its jurisdiction.
  2. 2. Examples of municipal businesses according to the provision of clause (1) are as follows, except in cases where there are other provisions in the law.
Affairs Relating to District, Organization and Administrative Management of Municipalities
  1. 1. Adjustment of name, location and area under the jurisdiction of the administrative district
  2. 2. Establishment, abrogation, operation and management of bylaws and regulations
  3. 3. Organizational management of subordinate administrative organizations
  4. 4. Guidance and supervision of subordinate administrative organizations and groups
  5. 5. Personnel management, welfare and education of civil servants
  6. 6. Imposition and collection of local taxes and other income
  7. 7. Implementation and execution of budget, accounting inspection and property management
  8. 8. Management of administrative equipment, computerization of administration and improvement of administrative management
  9. 9. Management of joint property
  10. 10. Management of family registration and residence registration
  11. 11. Conducting various types of investigations and gathering statistics required by local municipalities
Social and Public Services
  1. 1. Programs concerned with residents' welfare
  2. 2. Establishment, operation and management of social welfare facilities
  3. 3. Protection and support for indigents
  4. 4. Protection and improvement of welfare of the elderly, children, disabled, youth and women
  5. 5. Establishment and operation of health centers and medical services
  6. 6. Prevention and disinfection for epidemics and other diseases
  7. 7. Operation and management of cemeteries, incinerators and ossuaries
  8. 8. Guidance for the sanitation improvement in public service businesses
  9. 9. Public cleaning service and waste management
  10. 10. Establishment and operation of local public enterprises
Affairs Related to Promoting Agriculture, Commerce and Industry
  1. 1. Establishment and management of public property and irrigation facilities
  2. 2. Support for production and distribution of agriculture, livestock and fisheries
  3. 3. Management of agricultural supplies
  4. 4. Operation and guidance for agriculture management
  5. 5. Promotion and guidance for supplementary businesses
  6. 6. Encouragement for farmhouse sideline businesses
  7. 7. Management of communal forest
  8. 8. Development of small scale livestock farming and dairy promotion business
  9. 9. Prevention of livestock epidemics & Promotion and support of local industries
  10. 10. Protection of consumers and encouragement of savings
  11. 11. Promotion of small and medium sized business enterprises
  12. 12. Development, promotion and support for local specialized industry
  13. 13. Development of superior local produce and tourism folk art
Local Development, Environmental and Civil Affairs
  1. 1. Development of local businesses
  2. 2. Implementing local engineering and construction businesses
  3. 3. Implementing city planning businesses
  4. 4. Establishment, improvement and maintenance of local, city and county roads
  5. 5. Promotion and support for residential living environment improvement
  6. 6. Improvement of farmhouse and community structures
  7. 7. Encourage activities to protect the natural environment
  8. 8. Management of local 1st and 2nd grade rivers and small rivers
  9. 9. Establishment and management of water supply and sewage
  10. 10. Establishment and management of easy access water supply systems
  11. 11. Establishment and management of tourist and leisure facilities such as provincial, regional and city parks and green space
  12. 12. Management of local track projects
  13. 13. Establishment and management of transportation facilitites such as parking lots and road signs
  14. 14. Establishment and implementation of countermeasures against natural calamities
  15. 15. Promotion and support of the local economy
Affairs Related to the Promotion of Education, Athletics, Culture and Arts
  1. 1. Establishment, operation and guidance of nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and alternative schools
  2. 2. Establishment and management of public education, athletics, and cultural facilities such as libraries, stadiums, plazas, gymnasiums, museums, event halls, art galleries, music halls, etc.
  3. 3. Appointment, preservation and management of local cultural assets
  4. 4. Promotion of local culture and arts
  5. 5. Promotion of local culture and art groups
Afairs Related to Local Civil Defense and Firefighting
  1. 1. Organization, operation, guidance and supervision of local and individual company civil defense organizations (including a volunteer fire brigade)
  2. 2. Prevention and extinguishing of fire
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