Organization chart

Organization chart city hall

  1. Mayor
  2. Deputy Mayor
  3. Planning and Budget Department
  4. Administrative Welfare Division
    General Affairs Department
    Civil Affairs Department
    Promotion and Computerization Department
    Cultural Tourism Department
    Samaeul and Athletics Department
    Taxation Department
    Accounting Department
    Social Welfare Department
    Family Welfare Department
    Environmenal Protection Department
  5. Local Safety Development Division
    Economic Development Department
    Traffic and Energy Department
    Susatinable Agriculture Department
    Distribution and Livestock Department
    Rural Development Department
    Forests and Green Space Department
    Construction Department
    Urban Development Department
    Architecture Department
    Emergency Preparedness Department
  6. CISM World Military Games Support Committee
    Competition Support Department
    Competition Facilities Department

Subordinated Offices

Health Center
Health Services
Health Care
Agriculture Technology Center
Technical Support
Economic Development

Business Offices

Office of Waterworks
City Waterworks
Facility Operation
Water Quality Testing
Rural Waterworks
Mungyeongsaejae Management Office
Facility Management
Yet-gil Museum
Ecology Park
Sewage Treatment Office
City Drainage System
Facility Operation
Waste Treatment
Rural Drainage System
Culture and Arts Center
Perfomance Planning
Jungang Library
Munhee Library
Mojeon Library
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