City Hall Floor Map

City Hall F1

Records Center,Welfare Resident Life Section, Green Agriculture Section, Welfare Resident Life Section(counseling center, Cultural Art Section), Raising Distribution Stock, Agriculture Administration Section, Guard room, Tax Affair Section, General Civil Appeal, Nonghyup Bank, Deagu Bank, tax office, WC

City Hall F2

Audience chamber, Second Audience chamber, Policy Planning Team, Video Conference Room, Preventing Construction Section, Investment Inducement Section, Sponsor of Resident’s life Department Director Room, Industrial Construction Department Director Room, Lounge, Geneal Affairs Section, Mayor's Room, Vice Mayor's Room, WC

City Hall F3

Construction Section, City Section, Office Construction, Traffic Economy Section, Saemaeul PE Section, Planning Inspection Authority, Permanent Auditing Room, Data Operating Room, elevator, WC

City Hall F4

Accounting Section, Tourism Promotion Section, Mountains Forest Section, Environment Protection Section, Geneal Affairs Section, Studio, VTR Room, Data Management Office, elevator, WC
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